Reviewer: Claire Caraska

These four anti-folk songwriters from New York sing songs about love, war, unemployment and Vikings. Out now on their West Coast first tour, these four independent, solo singer/songwriters - Casey Holford, Jenn Lindsay, Phoebe Kreutz, and Robin Aigner - subscribe to the "anti-folk" movement, each playing acoustic guitar injected with punk ethics and politically charged songwriting (think Bob Dylan meets The Clash).Putting out their own records and playing frequently in coffee shops and universities in and around New York City, all four highly talented artists will no doubt delight ears here in San Diego during their two-night performance at Twiggs.

Casey Holford
Not only did he teach himself how to play on his mom's classical guitar (with one string missing), but 23-year-old Casey Holford also taught himself to perform at age 14 in coffeehouses in his native Boston. He continues to win over audiences with his rich, sincere voice and fiery acoustic guitar.

Jenn Lindsay
On one of her songs, San Diego native Jenn Lindsay sings about how she will be compared to fellow anti-folkster, Ani Difranco. While Difranco's influence is present, Lindsay creates her own sound that is both delicate and tough, juxtaposing gentle yet strong vocals with stark urban imagery and themes.

Phoebe Kreutz
Phoebe Kreutz plays straightforward, acoustic folk rhythms with a huge dose of wacky humor and cleverly written lyrics. It's pretty hard not to give in to a chuckle or two as she sings about wanting to be a Viking or having a crush on "Gary, the new guy at Taco Bell." This year, she self-released her debut album "Pretty, Pretty Stupid."

Robin Aigner
Playing regularly in and around New York City, Robin Aigner couples political and introspective lyrics with sweet, gracefully finger picked guitar. Her gentle, lush voice will soothe and comfort you like a warm cup of chamomile tea. In February 2003, Aigner self-released her debut album, "Volksinger."