Catnip and Kryptonite
Words and Music by Jenn Lindsay

Catnip and kryptonite
You brighten and blow out my pilot light
I suffered appallingly
When you stopped calling me

Winter for two years plus
I missed so much I cried and fussed
To put a cap on the jar
Takes strong will and tons of heart

There’s something final about
The way you shut me out
The worst that I been through
Turned into a good thing too

Your ghost has a way
Of slipping into the fray
I have been inviting you
There’s no vacancy today

Baby inside of me
At last a eulogy
I lay to rest memory best
Memory bad and the one between

I hated how much I loved
I hate thin skin that feels too much
Scars can cover it up
Scars make skin terribly tough

Catnip and kryptonite
Less like a home more like porch light
So tired of mourning a love
That did not fit like a glove
Catnip and kryptonite
Dessert and dynomite
Snake oil, tin foil
Time to say good night