Eleanor Letitia Maguire
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Eleanor Letitia Maguire,
Every age every hour.
Sister Serenity,
you are a fourth of me.

Eleanor Letitia Maguire,
in the arms of the father-mother
you've lived a long life.
We are your line,
We are your kind.

Central California century:
Tarzana, Hildegard in memory.
Bakersfield summer sun,
when Merle passed, when Bill passed, and the youngest one.

There you are with Ruth
Orange grove air
Aunt Nell rings the bell
for the bookish one with coarse hair.

Eleanor Letitia Maguire,
a great great fairy grandmother.
My father is your son,
he is your first and he's my only one.
I'm too young to remember,
Youíre too old to forget,
You'll be young forever,
Iím too young to rest,
I am your line,
I am your kind.