Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

I learned
to wipe fire from my lips
Wear this cloak of stone
as you lean to kiss.

I watch the wall
you wear her face right off
I invent new ways of wishing
as you two invent love.

Words smolder
on my lips as I linger
You two share cigarettes
and sweetly lace your fingers.

I build words
like it's important that you hear
That all I ever learned from love
is how to swallow fear.

When were you last rained on?
Did it leave you cleaner?
Let me be your cloud,
to plug the dam with my own finger.

Kill me with one touch
come on' kill me till I'm free'
I will try for just one night
to be your casualty.

I'm not leaving
till I get back what I gave.
Yes, to stir the nerves
and be good enough for a change.

She will hold you close,
and I will give you space.
You can take the other
And I swear I will go away.

I don't want to ask,
and I don't want to try,
But I will fall for assholes
till the day I die.

I'll tear apart these shadows
till I've got you fooled
And all around the rain comes down
and I'll be happy too'.