Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

As I drive higher
my eyes grow dryer,
Driving into black.

The shoulder shakes me awake
if I drift off track.
And I'm the one who's leaving
and finally kind of grieving
And these things they hold me, oh they hold me back.

How many of us
just outlived these days.
As convenience took our choices away.

And left us with a passport
to own any town.
And say this is how long
I've been held down.

And what's the point of a pedigree?
A stupid silver filigree.

And what did you have to teach?
And will you miss me?

I never saw your face
but I heard what you said.
I'll make do with a paper
instead of bread.

I never left for long
but I tried to come back pure.
Just a girl who tries to sing
when she isn't sure.

Tracks of tires rim
the tightest road's dividers.
The road suffers scars
from each distracted driver.

Every state I'm in bows down to some degree.

Town to town the same old brown reminds me, tis of thee.
Town to town the same old brown reminds me,

Of a stupid little pedigree.
It reminds me,
Tis of thee.