Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

This story says too little,
or maybe it says too much,
But I spent this whole year helping
everyone fall in love.

This song ain't no suggestion,
it ain't no guilt trip.
Just a letter to myself
'bout all those things I ever wished.

I really like the way that I like you
And I never wondered why.
But friends who kiss, well, once they kiss,
then they kiss goodbye.

Maybe you're so charming
cuz I don't have time.
Time to tuck you in, time to piss you off,
and time to make you mine

Stuff like this makes me dumb
I use little words like pretty.
Best I can come up with,
and at the time it seems perfect,
and it seems witty.

Like, "and I would paint your weekend purple
and I would feed you with maple surple"

Cuz once you looked
and then you kissed and
I think that's maybe better than
being missed.

The story where I hold you
knows more than you or me.
And everything passed between us
becomes my property.

Even the way I looked at you
is mine for keeps.
And this song might divides us,
cuz this is for everyone to see.

Maybe I said too little,
but I probably said too much
But I spent this whole damn year helping
all my friends fall in love.

I ain't got no suggestion,
I won't lay no guilt trip.
Just read these letters to myself
'bout all those things I ever wished.

Once again I'm a man among men
Never much more than a man's best friend.

Oh, a man among men
So good at being that kind of friend
Come and see me talk again.