The playing is capable, her voice is quite good, and the songs are powerful enough to provoke and inspire, musing on love, womanhood and a potpourri of real world problems - sexual politics, domestic violence, relationship complications, eating disorders and the old standby of unrequited love.

"There are so many cliches about love that are available and easy to fall into, because, in a lot of ways, the simplest of them carry a lot of truth," Lindsay said.

"But now right now, because I'm 23, I'm not totally interested in cliches." Thus, she comes to these topics with her own point of view, and she certainly has something to say on each of them.

"Now, more than ever, people are searching for answers and different perspectives," she said.

This album is an unpolished gem and a sign of things to come.

Still, the CD holds together and there's more good than bad here; her album closes with "Bells," which begins, "This road is just an album of everywhere we'd go / I'd drive to your street, kill the engine and wait in the cold / When I asked the hard questions an open window stole your worlds / So I watched the rearview mirror, watched your words whine and whir." I'd encourage anyone interested in folk music to check her out next time she comes to the area, and anyone who likes jewels in the rough to pick up "Bring It On."

--Michael Baer, Stanford Daily