Take the powerful poetic prowess of Sylvia Plath, set it to the gentle jamming of Joni Mitchell, add a dash of humility, wrap it all in a stage presence that rivals Ani DiFranco, and you have this young star. Lindsay is one to watch out for. Her guitar as her shield, her words her weapon, Lindsay stood as a warrior for all women tonight. In a concert worthy of the original three-r'd riot grrrls, she strummed her social-consciousness and gave lyrics to the all the angst and hope of women who fight and love today. She even managed to make us laugh a little.
She breaks out from any cliché of the girl-and-her-guitar; tonight Jenn Lindsay's powerful set kept the frustrated in their seats - and then brought them to their feet - with her brilliant lyrical styling and innovative guitar work. With a head-thrown-back wail and a curl of her lip around her words, Lindsay had the usually unruly and unimpressed San Francisco crowd captivated several times throughout her set. This girl-and-her-guitar is anything but run-of-the-mill, bringing ferocity, passion and fun to what threatens to be a tired act.

--The Scene, S.F. Underground Music Zine