When I first started listening to this album I thought, "Oh No, not another singer/songwriter in the same vein as Jewel." Luckily, this music wasn't as unoriginal as I had originally guessed. First impressions of a music reviewer can be the death of many albums. It's a good thing that I kept paying attention to what was going on here, because what I got from this music is like nothing I've every felt before. Jenn Lindsay creates music that is very simplistic, but very powerful.

Voice and guitar are pretty much the only instruments that you'll hear on this album, but the beauty and emotion behind the well written and realistic lyrics is something that I have never really heard before. This music is more of an emotional experience than anything else. Jenn's voice seemed so pure and honest in every song. I loved the way she transformed her melodies into quick little chants and back to the smooth melody again. To be honest, this music was difficult for me to stop listening to. The raw beauty of this album is something that I just can't seem to find the perfect words for. That really doesn't matter though because this music definitely speaks for itself.

The RundownLyrics/Songwriting: 5 stars
Production Quality: 5 stars
Musicianship: 3 stars
Originality: 3 stars
Over All: 5 stars

- Michael Allison (Associate Writer)