"FIRED!" the album
All words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Hi there. Most of the people who come to this website are fans or friends looking for information about my music and upcoming shows. You, the intrepid and thorough potential employer, have somehow acquired this website address, perhaps through googling or sleuthful research. I'd like you to know that these lyrics were all written in early 2002, when I was temping at an automotive trade journal office in Manhattan. I was a fact-checker, calling car companies to confirm the MSRPs of different car models. It blew. It would probably blow for you too. So I wrote a lot of lyrics to ameliorate my boredom and desperation, until the assignment ended. It didn't end pleasantly; take that as you will. But anyway, I hope you won't decide not to hire me based on my reflections about a job that was ill-fated from the first paper clip. Feel free to confront me directly about it.