Not A Good Fit
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

End of the day and I pack my things
Boss comes in, has to tell me something
Into the boardroom and we all sit,
He says ďWeíre letting you go, cuz you arenít a good fit.Ē
I told him I worked hard, I told him I tried
He stuck my pleas where the sun donít shine

I went home and I felt sick
Because everything I am is a bad fit
Asshole friend, obedient flunky,
Cheese-eating bleary-eyed surrender monkey.
A buttercup, a monkey!

I was nothing but bored at your office and all
Your space filler white out white noise ball
9-5 long and 5 days tall
I sang 100 bottles of beer on the wallÖ.

You donít lose out when youíre a bad fit
I know I got something out of it
34 pens, 60 dollars worth of stamps
600 color copies and an office lamp

Youíre a happy clam with so many clams
One hundred dollar bills and Hampton plans
You donít follow your heart till your pockets ache
Till that heart is held together with gum and tape
I wonít live my life on the bottom of your boot
Just cuz you woke up on the wrong side of your heart
Six big figures do not shake me
Iíll get so much further than you could take me

Not a good fit! Not a good fit!
Not a good fit! Not a good fit!