Reviewer: Americana-UK

JENN LINDSAY “Gotta Lotta” (No Evil Star Records, 2002) “Take Joni Mitchell, add a dash of Ani Di Franco, roast alongside Dan bern and PJ Harvey and baste lightly with Woody Guthrie!” Her description, but it’s a fairly comprehensive one - raised in San Diego (not by wolves, as it happens) and kickstarting her musical career here in Liverpool, she’s now an integral part of the New York anti-folk scene and manages to sing about politics with a background in gay/lesbian issues in a way that other singer-songwriters must only be able to hope for. The nearest modern comparison would have to be Dar Williams, and although Lindsay doesn’t quite hit the spot in terms of memorable songs that Dar does so often, she’s still pretty damn good - the lyrical feast of songs like“Fangs and Fur” and “I Am Not Going Home Yet” (“What is New York but a cinematic dream, Somewhere you swear to yourself you’ve been”) are both wry, deep and most of all really enjoyable. Excellent.