$$$$ Wow I don't even know where to start with this CD. It is folk music in its finest form produced by one of the most ambitious self-made women I've ever come across. She is both inspiring and talented. Jenn Lindsay is someone with an unquenchable fire for what she does that comes out in her music. She passes the torch of her words along to her fans. She sings about issues of substance but also maintains a frivolity in her music that leaves those listening to her for pure entertainment value satisfied.

I always used to think that folk music was for children of the sixties but thanks to Jenn Lindsay I now know it can be enjoyable for people of any age. This CD definitely stands out to me and makes major label CDs look like sonic Gap ads in comparison. To quote one of Jenn's songs "you really gotta want it if you want anything good." She obviously has the desire and as a result, Gotta Lotta is an amazing album, worth all the blood, sweat and tears. Good things will come Jenn Lindsay. She has all the qualities she needs: talent, desire and ambition.

-Katie Kiedyk


Jenn Lindsay is not afraid. Seemingly of anything. She sings with a commanding presence. In the song "Uncle Sam" when she says "you should listen," you do. She herself describes the album as "a cohesive meditation on change, ambition, cities, disappointment and, of course, being pissed at the Bush administration." Whether you agree with her political views or not, Ms. Lindsay must be commended for her ability to express her emotion. She is not a hider. I am familiar with Jenn Lindsay's work, I reviewed her one of her past cds, "Gotta Lotta." I can see a great progression in her music. It is morphing and molding into a beautiful work in progress, but never overprocessed or polished. It is raw, uninhibited emotion. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who make things happen for themselves and those who hide behind the first kind of people. Jenn Lindsay shows, through "The Last New York Horn," that she is the first kind of person and she is taking the folk music world by "horn."

-Katie Kiedyk