Reviewer: AntiFolk Online

Jenn Lindsay is a fierce heroine.   Her song, "I'm not going home yet" describes perfectly my first six months in New York City. I remember trying to get a job and going to acting school and trying to get the band together and crying on the subway and feeling like I was never going to accomplish what I wanted to cause I had so far to go and in the meantime I was really hungry and wanted someone to take me out for a nice dinner. I was listening to Gotta Lotta on my headphones going to practice drums yesterday, and I realized what it is I like about Jenn's songs.  Many of them seem to have a tone of hopefulness despite difficult circumstances. "I'm not going home yet" delivers a mantra of endurance & love for yourself and your art, despite all the lonliness, poverty and sadness that can make doing your art a challenge. Her show at Sidewalk was one of her best yet, packed to the gills with people craning their necks to get a peek at she and her entourage (including Casey Holford, Knot Pinebox, Robin Aigner, bassist Sheila Sobolewski, Crystal of The Baby Skins, and a hip hop beatbox player called John Mackenflow Wright).  The addition of other musicians and voices were a nice variation on her songs, though Jenn can rock it as a solo act too. I saw her do an event called "Pussy Power" where the audience was just transfixed, leaning on her every word. Congrats to you Jenn, on a great CD and release party!

- Nan Turner