Reviewer: Phillips, June 2003

Something good has to come out of the current economic downturn, right? Well, hereˆs one: anti-folk singer-songwriter Jenn Lindsayˆs new EP, Fired!, a concept record about not fitting in with the white-collar world, despite many desperate attempts. These are anthems for every bored receptionist out there, every artist struggling to survive on temp work. Because, as Lindsay knows, getting fired can be just as bad as getting dumped by a lover.

Reviewer: King, May 2003

Props to this fun-loving folkster who uses props of her own, including lyrical trapdoors, harmonica-guitar shenanigans, and maracas on her buzzing, well-produced new album that’s, at best, well intentioned.

Reviewer: Kamenetz, March 2003
Musical activist Jenn semi-tasteful!

Reviewer: Shawn Bosler, March 2003
Hardworking 23-year-old antifolker Lindsay philosophizes on love, makin' it, being an artist-dreamer transplant to NYC, 9-11, the feminist viewpoint, and anxiety; her new self-released CD, Gotta Lotta, is bubbling over with a playful, (sometimes) spastic poppiness.

Reviewer: Aber, February 2003
Jenn Lindsay really hits her mark!