Reviewer: Suite Choice Cuts of August-September 2002

The Scoop: I hate to do it—I tried not to—but there’s just no getting around the Joni and Ani comparisons. Jenn Lindsay has a vocal brightness that is reminiscent of early Joni, while the introspective frankness of her lyrics recalls early Ani (although lacking the ripped-out rage of, say, Dilate). Musically, Gotta Lotta doesn’t venture much outside familiar, strum-heavy folk territory. This is a disaster for most folkies, because—frankly—it focuses too much attention on shaky voices and even shakier poetry. Fortunately, Lindsay has an engaging voice—-both sweet and scarred-—and has plenty of insightful observations to fill notebooks. Some lyrics are startling in their honesty and their embrace of moments of weakness. And yet she doesn’t take herself too seriously, either, as evidenced by songs like “Salvation Army” (about not finding anything her size at the thrift store). Highlight Tracks: “Fangs and Fur” and “I Am Not Going Home Yet,” a powerful call-to-arms for struggling urban artists everywhere.