Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Guess what, I'm still here, but I'm threatening to leave
Summer smells of summer trash and trashy steam
Danny said it great, I'm moving like a railway train
12 thing son my plate
I can only stomach 8
But I come and go
Cuz I wanna be close

Sometimes you come close, but you don't come close at all
Someone has to lose, someone has to take it rough
Sometimes it's me
I got this iron grip, it's always been so tight,
Some days I can see I am squeezin out the life
Cuz I wanna be close
What do you think you want most?

I wish I had some money so I could buy some time
I wish I had a sigh that told me what to do
Folksingin or law school

So what, you're close, or you're not close at all
But if you're close you have go to do it all
And rise every time you fall

Tall buildings, small people, trash in the way
Guess what, I'm still here, every single day I come and go.

Cuz I wanna be close.