Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Don't leave your doggy alone
Kiss his belly, kiss his nose
You're so lucky your superintendent even lets you have a dog
So don't, don't leave that doggy alone
I watch the people in the park
Who clearly do not know just how lucky they are
That at the end of a quivering leash
is a fat furry drooling unconditional beast
Lend your dog to me
His wet nose, his hard happy body
Hard happy me

I know this bakery in Seattle
Where you can buy pupcakes you can buy snickerpoodles
I bought Easter eggs for my yellow love,
she has soft ears, she is lying in the sun in California

Speaking of happiness, when I leave the city
I will find a new best friend to bear it with me
A house, a field, a lake, a breeze, a blue moon, a hound dog for me
You stole my heart

Do not leave you r doggy alone
Do not leave your dog alone at your home
If you're gonna leave her alone
Just give her to me