Dry Heat
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Ooh, sing it. Yeah, bring it.
The dry heat does wonders for me
20 minutes here and it's very clear
where I wanna be
ooh, sugar, out of New York City.
Ooh, sing it, yeah scream it
Green cactus tree
And the soft caress
Of sweat on my cheek: winter heat
Oh December, California for me.
I always am singing about the dirty streets
The smells and the traffic the impossibility
Oh about the loving, about the laughing,
about never knowing where I wanna be
Cuz I'm overdue for my new bathing suit
I packed only jackets and jeans
17 degrees, my brain stuck on freeze.
I was packing in the blizzard and then I was walking through deserts.
July for Christmastime
Bikinis all over the Christmas pine
Sugar, that's the way it's gotta be
California's teasing, ain't got no New York reasons
California for me.
The dry heat does wonders for me.