Sidewalk Song
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Someone make something called "Can of Sleep,"
So we can stay up making love and writing music all week
You rub my shoulders like I'm hoping you would do
The part of my shoulders that's just pebbles and spoons
You cut your own hair, you wear a velvet jacket
Kimya is singing about a velveteen rabbit
You push me outa bed I run my hands over your head
Your hair will flatten and stand up under my hand
Like I imagine a rabbit would feel under my hand

Paleface has a beautiful face
I do an impression just to make myself laugh
But I just don't have a face like that,
half Peter pan, half Cat in the Hat,
half turpentine and half little boy
detachable bike seat, beat up guitar
I feel better, I feel proud, on the outside of the inside of a crowd

When I leave the Sidewalk Café
I can hear the train from a minute away
I'm bing-bong closer to my home
Or bing-bong closer to a job I loathe
Regina and I sing the 6 Train strings
We sing the strings in perfect key
Casey says the train cries "Get in my belly,"
The belly of the city, the sweat of the air,
The ass of the gutter, the public bathroom air,
The hard cough of traffic, the throat of the street,
The gritty hard lungs of the lovely street

On Monday I will sing a new song
I think about it too much, it comes out all wrong
I forget why I do this at all
I just want to leave I want to sell my guitar
I wonder why it scares me so much
Cuz sometimes I write a song I love
I wake up at four to play it again
In the dark I really feel I've done something
I hope it's enough for him cuz it's enough for me
Maybe I could go now and be
Maybe I could go now and be
Maybe I could go now and be
Sorta kinda a little bit halfway
Half-wheelbarrow half-black sparrow partially