Story Song
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

You asked for a story
I've got one for you
'Bout a boy and a girl
Every Thursday last June
And the girl is crazy
Or in love or confusing the two
And the boy's a prince, a perfect knight and he was you
Then there was real time, real terms and walls
Ands the safety of a man outweighed all his faults
And you were safe, and so rational;
But I love the ones I learn from oh I love 'em all

When I sang I sang about your body cuz it's the one thing I understand
It's not a body that forces
Not a body that demands
You're so lovely in the light I have to stop and look
And you take so much room in my heart I can't step around it in the dark

You and I are so different
Mission drama and mission control
I tell you about these men and I you tell me I couldn't have known
You said I'm not signing up for your burdens, I'm not signing up for your fall
You hold my hand while I'm dying and you tell me it's not my fault
You tell me it's not
I know it's not

So I'm grateful we're friends
And we're just friends now
You won't let me build you up
Just to turn and tear you down
Here you are so quiet in this room another night
I watch you from all angles and start to see you right
You're so lovely in the light
Here in the center I'd stay here without moving
And keep it this way forever
No I wouldn't go back to New York
I'd stay here forever
I'd keep on keeping on
Just like that bird you knew
But that bird always flew
It outgrew
Me and you
Me and you