Donít You Know
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

I swear you will break my heart in two
Whatever I do
I swear you will leave me in the Spring
No more to call you Baby.

It was December when we met
I made you vow
You would confess the same minute
I was not your girl in your heart anymore

Iíd rather know youíve changed somehow
That your love just slipped away
Then to know Iíve failed somehow
What I did or didnít say

Donít you know
We got it good?

Youíre not gonna find no one like me
I know who you are
I know I could pick your fine fine face
From a crowd in the darkó
Iíve done it before

My heart filled so full up with hope
It split down the seams
You held it in your hands so long
If you let go Iíll spill everything

Donít you know
Iím giving you all I got?

You donít know
You donít know
You donít know
Iíll love you for all my life