Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Something gone a year now
Should be very clear now
The night I left New York
My junk stuffed in the car
My lip fat from a bungee snap
You terrorized by the rain and the packing
Still does not make sense
It makes me think we made a mess

The year's gone a couple curve balls long
We both had a thousand second thoughts
You grew up, you're in tight clothes
Your favorite sweater seems so dull
I don't want what a broken heart brings
To feel you gone whenever I sing
All these songs about you
The days are long without you

You are made with dependable stitching
It's an easy tradition to love you more and more
That's what my heart's for
I wish you said more than you do
Grabbed me and gasped like lovers in movies do
But you write songs that show your heart
And I'm there with Matt, the twelve string and New York