Reviewer: Sari N. Kent at Celebrity on the web

Jenn Lindsay’s “Perfect Handful” has softhearted messages of adulation with a graceful vocalist yet many of the songs have an overtly carnal undercurrent that might not sit well with some listeners. The first song starts off with systematic guitar chords then the song snaps into high gear. Yet, the lyrics sound slightly abnormal which might make listeners uneasy with lines like, “Hey I got my baby, she is the only thing that I will ever need... she’s got the longest neck you’ve ever seen…we make sounds together deep in the dark.”

The second song has more practiced guitar play but then becomes more powerful with lyrics like, “Hang your worries at the door and lay here on the ground. Listen to the world doing her rounds.” The third song has drumming and reminisces about how a relative’s courtship made Lindsay realize what a gift she had found in her own life with lines like, “Grandpa asked for grandma’s hand one weekend… I knew you were a good thing the very first night…three years later I know I was right.” Lindsay’s elation at her good fortune resounds on this track.

The fourth song has some harmonica in the intro, which diverts from what the album has conveyed so far. Lindsay’s soft-spoken voice combined with very emotional lyrics make for a delightful mix but the sometimes-blatant sexuality might turn off some listeners.