Much More Than Do
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

You know I like a tall man
I knew I liked you when
You wrapped my shoulders with your arm
On the pier under the moon
After years of near and far misses I looked for a fling of noncommittal kisses
I knew you could do;
And you much more than do

You call from the museum
And you describe the painting
The cowering pain before the chorus
And of course, Constantineís horse
For when the truth just wonít do

Bars close and the soggy teens
Tip their eyes up from the street
Through the window you and me
Drunk the way they want to be
I am breathing you
You much more than do

Iíll know how you handle love
Only after Iíve loved you well enough
On the floor of the monastery
On the path with fire fairies
In the flowers of the blowing prairie
I let you touch my feet and carry me
Feeling seen and feeling found
You more than come around

Madison me and you
So far from Madison Avenue
Itís a problem you canít solve
And my words canít help at all
We have a word that says more than words can
It is a word I think you understand:

I hope the yarn does not unravel
I will be sorry if depths trend shallow
But you remind me of deeper things
You knit together my looser seams
Which I needed someone to do
And you much more than do.
What I need someone to do
You much more than do