Say Your Name
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Hello friend, youíre here again beside me.
I barely know you and want to show you inside me.
Nothing in common, top to bottom, and no one to blame.
I will lose you before I can choose you but Iíll still say your name.

Your ancestor lost in the desert learned the lesson well.
To keep a promise. He astonished even himself.
Oh my people! Fond of loopholes! Barely played the game.
The same religion, different impressions, but Iíll still say your name

Compatible is radical, itís nothing that Iíve found.
We donít have it. We forget it when weíre lying down.
I needed affection, some kind of connection, even a few days,
And you appeared, so different and dear. No, I wonít forget your name.

Etgaíageiía elecha, matok sheli