The Accident
Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Remember on our way out of DC
A car swung in front of the car of you and me
I swung our car into the other lane
We heard the crash behind
Remember I pulled over the next rest stop
Then I ran a few laps around the parking lot
The adrenaline surge I had to burn
You sat and smoked and watched me run.
We had to get to Charlotte by 8
I was so tired and so scared of the rain
I was so scared of what was coming up in days
Driving you to the airport, then driving away.

That song was playing loud
When the car swung across the road
Thatís all that song means to me
A sudden brush with eternity
Sirens race the other way
Wailing back to where we came
You and me drove safe away
Our accident wouldnít be for days.
Remember you kept me awake as we drove South
And secrets poured out of my caffeine mouth
The only way I could stay awake
Was tell you stories Iíd put away.
Stories about when I would break
Ways I thought Iíd never behave
And never did again until you left
I became the wounded wild thing that I thought was dead

Remember all the snow on the cars?
And winning the lotto in a New Yearís bar?
The picture flickers on the old reel
There is no sequel. Thereís nothing else to tell.
I know you are gone forever
I know you are gone forever
I donít want you to be gone forever
I will not want it ever
Six slow notches this December
Each year one more thing neither of us remembers
It took you to fly away from me
To make me into who you always wanted me to be