Words and music by Jenn Lindsay

Tuesday night in Memphis and the going out is good
Everybody's in their finest nines
Memphis, you were good to me until you started in drinking,
and then I lost you, you were out all night

Everybody's living in the same way here
I'm sneaking out without saying goodbye
Everybody's passed out on the rug and the big chairs
I got Memphis in my mirror, behind.

Born in Amarillo, grew up an armadillo
My tough round body and my beady eyes
Uncle Dick's a black sheep, the rebel of the family
Mama says we'll get along just fine

Maybe we were different in the same way dear
Spend our time sneaking out of line
Everybody's passed out in fancy cars and underwear
But we put up a fight

Memphis, put up your fight
Memphis, step out of line
Memphis, you were good to me, but I gotta save my energy
It's a long drive….