"Jenn Lindsay engaged the audience at Ladyfest Ottawa in a way that most singer-songwriters could not parallel. Her on stage charisma combined with carefully crafted songs has left fans in Ottawa anxiously awaiting her return. Jenn Lindsay was an excellent choice for our Ladyfest line-up because she represents a figure that most young women at Ladyfest can identify with - a rebellious artistic soul who can celebrate both her triumphs and her feelings of being lost in this large, overwhelming world."
Lesley Dishslayer, Ladyfest Ottawa

"Totally awesome."
Tami Hart, Mr. Lady Records

"Your kind of talent is rare indeed."
Carol Polcovar, NYC Fresh Fruit Festival

"Friggin' genius!!"
Les Reynolds, Indie Music.com

"Reminds me of an early Suzanne Vega, with her Lower East Side references and the great songwriting."
GrooveOut/Outsmart Magazine

Miguel, Stanford University

"Jenn Lindsay is a really smart and driven person with a great, unapologetic vision. Gotta Lotta is a pretty brilliant collection of songs... really rich. [The title song] is a great tribute to the people here we've shared everything with."
Casey Holford, NYC Musician

"when i started listening to Jenn i didn't know what i was in for, but a veritable tsunami of the best writing i've heard in a good spell, which is to be taken as a compliment, given that i am an english major, and that's my job description, to appreciate good writing. Bravo bravo i love good words...the CD is, quite frankly, brilliant..."
Eric Adams, University of Michigan at Grand Rapids

"Jenn Lindsay's got four-billion dollars right there in her soul. She electrifies the room, giving a priceless performance by sending currents of truth and razor-sharp wit coursing through the listener via distinctively fresh melodies and pipes that reach lofty highs as effortlessly as they caress sexy lows."
Robin Aigner, The Rising, Brooklyn

"At the Antifolk Fest you were a shining star among tinfoil. i'm sure there's a fool's gold analogy that could be exploited too, but then i'm not really a true geologist... anyway, i look forward to future gigs; what will it take to lure you to the Upper West Side??"
Christa Farmer, Columbia University

"it is in times like these that is most important to stay connected to the beautiful life-affirming things that cross our path. It's therefore important to know that Jenn Lindsay's new CD absolutely rocks. I received a copy of it in the mail last night and have been rocking out ever since. It received 5 stars from everyone who I worked with today and who were blessed with a chance to hear it."
Sasha Leitman, Stanford University

"Jenn Lindsay is an important and inspiring new voice on the music scene. Her lyrics are original and either funny or moving, often both. She's documenting the artist's life in New York City in these strange times, and she does it really well. I'm a huge fan!"
Elizabeth Stark, author of Shy Girl

"I'm so glad I bought your CD - it's great! You are also one of the best live performers in any genre that I've ever seen. Thanks for the experience and I know that I'll be better enough to see you play next time. You are de berry berry best!"
Sarah, NYC

"After hearing your music, l'm convinced that another Lindsay will be taking over New York"
Seth, NYC

"Thanks again for your music the other night. It was fun and ballsy and good."
Gabriel Faure-Brac, NYC East Village

"Jenn played at a house concert with Gina Young and Jolie Rickman and her set was really intimate, intelligent, and fun. I never knew a songwriter who can make you laugh and also make you really really think about your life. Thanks. Holy folksinging, batman!!"
babyjess, on www.cdbaby.com

"an absolutely original grrlnguitar act!I bought this from Jenn after one of her AWESOME live shows at the Sidewalk in NYC and it quickly earned a spot amidst my very favorite cd's... if the good word don't spread fast about Jenn Lindsay then this world doesn't live up to itself..."
liz, on www.cdbaby.com

"awesome stuff....Jenn Lindsay exudes an extraordinary sense of strength and empowerment when she sings. An amazing woman with a powerful voice and message!"
Heidi Boas, Stanford University

"Jenn Lindsay is a woman of deep courage and a singer of raw, beautiful, funny and sometimes painful truth! Her lyrics are poetic and insightful, and she sings her words with a passion that grips you and lifts you up."
Caitlin Sislin, Stanford University

"I Am Not Going Home Yet (either!!!) Can I send that song to my mom?"
Reviewer: You Rock

"Amazing and fun and soooo dynamic. Brava!"
cityprincess, The Rising, Brooklyn

"Jenn's songs often bring contrasts together in a unique way. She makes truly thought-provoking critiques of the social world, and she makes truly moving descriptions of love and of loss, sometimes all together in the same song. She manages this balance successfully, with voice and guitar full of beauty and strength."
Scott Crawford, Stanford University