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Miss Jenn Lindsay is an independent artist, which means she doesn’t have go-go dancers, a big purple tour bus, or anyone to feed her grapes after shows. For now. The main thing she doesn’t have, which she’s actually more interested in, and which YOU can help her with, is promo support, or a way to publicize her shows when she ventures beyond the safe and tranquil bounds of New York City to play shows.

If you want to help support Jenn in a more involved and rewarding way, you can sign up for the Rep Program. The Rep Program is not your Mama’s day job. It’s just a good way to get more involved if you dig what Jenn does and want to help spread the good word. It involves some work, but the rewards are rampant!

There are two different kinds of Reps. There’s the street team, which is basically all about putting up flyers and handing out postcards promoting Jenn and any upcoming shows she has in your area. The second, the CD distribution group, is an additional deal, which involves getting cd’s from us and selling them to friends and other folks. This is a bit more involved and deals with money, so that’s why it’s an addition to the street team. If money eats your head (we know what that’s like) and you’d rather not deal with it (we know what that’s like), then just sign up for the street team… it’s just as big a help!

Scroll down and read on or just register now.

street team: SPREAD THE WORD...

...With Flyers & Posters:

Help promote the show in your area by posting posters/handing out flyers. We will send you flyers for the show in your area (that we make and mail to you unless you really want to make your own), and you post them/hand them out at your school/college/workplace/women’s center/LGB Community Center, your favorite record stores, coffee shops….or any legal places folks will see ‘em. Be creative!

  • We’ll send you promo materials that you can hand out to folks in your town or at other concerts that you go to. As well as stickers that you can put in all sorts of creative, legal places (including your body parts) (but only your LEGAL body parts). It’s up to you.
  • Hang flyers for the show. If you want No Evil Star Records folks to talk behind your back in a very positive and appreciative manner, you can also contact local radio stations and publications and announce the show. Or please contact us with any information you may have on radio stations/publications in your area. You may choose to work only on the show(s) you are interested in attending.

...On the Web:

CD Distribution Group…SPREAD THE TUNES!


Jenn is available in portable form…encourage your friends to take a Jenn Lindsay CD home for their very own house concert. Tell them that they are helping support independent music, one of the nobler forms of one of the nobler artforms.



  • you send us a check for $53.00 if you want to sell GOTTA LOTTA or BRING IT ON, or $28.00 if you want to sell THE STORY OF WHAT WORKS (1/2 of the cd cost + shipping & handling)
  • we'll send you 10 cd's to sell to anyone you think will dig 'em (or anyone who needs a baptism by modern folk music) -for $10 each (THE STORY OF WHAT WORKS sells for $5 each)
  • after you sell the 10 cd's, you send us the other half of the money, $53/$28
  • then, if you want more to sell (that is, if you're COMPLETELY RAD) we'll send you more....



  • The satisfaction of knowing that you have helped a struggling indie musician get one step closer to her goal of world domination (i.e., hugs and kisses from us).
  • In exchange for being a field rep you receive 2 free tickets to the show, promo cds, advance copies of upcoming albums, new editions of t-shirts when they are available, stickers galore!, and unreleased/rare tracks. This program is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Guest list privileges for shows in your area...when available.
  • For folks involved in the CD distribution group... you'll get the above stuff, plus little gifts from us, depending on how many cd's you sell. For reps with big sales of 20 cds or more you will get upcoming albums, compilation cds, autographed merchandise, guaranteed guest list tickets to shows in your area, and any other ideas you might have.


At some point there will be a fancy submittable form here. Until then, all you need to do is email No Evil Star Records directly and say "Hey! I is Innersted!" And we'll go from there: