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"One of the Best Folk CDs of all time" -- Derek Sivers, CD Baby

Audience Reviews"one of the best live performers I have ever seen in any genre"

Entertainment Today"Deliciously Earnest"

Until Monday Brooklyn "Jenn Lindsay is one of the brightest indie musicians working in New York City. Not only a great musician with a great voice, but a seriously fierce songwriter."

Smother"Jenn Lindsay has her finger right on the pulse of the whole wide world of working people everywhere"

press from the West Coast Public Approval Tour "acoustic guitar injected with punk ethics and politically charged songwriting" - San Diego Union-Tribune

Village Voice"something good has come out of the current economic downturn..."

New York Press"Lilting greatness"

Curve Magazine"A complete joy from beginning to end…hard not to love"

Americana UK"Quirky, powerful album from New York based “anti folk” activist"

After Ellen Interview"a transcendent voice and outstanding musicianship deliver one mind-blowing entertainment experience"

Splendid eZine: Fired! Review"thoroughly entertaining""A magnificent piece of work...powerful songs that demand your full attention"

Muse’s Muse"Textured and wonderfully crafted"

Indie Music"An amazing album by an amazing songwriter"

The Red Alert"she feels more like an old friend at the table"

MusicEdge"Laugh-out-loud lyrics"

The Celebrity Cafe"Overtly carnal undercurrent…sometimes blatant sexuality"

The Music Edge"Open and sweet"

Americana UK"Jenn Lindsay will wake you up"

Suite 101"a DIY Renegade...folks like Jenn Lindsay provide reason to listen to every indie disc that comes in the mail"

Indie Music"Out of sorts? Hate your job? Then the songwriting genius of Jenn Lindsay is for you."

Rambles"folk with a truckload of attitude"

AntiFolk Online"fierce heroine"

Splendid: Gotta Lotta Review"a talent to be reckoned with"

Indie Music Reviews

Muse's Muse "Jenn can complain with the best of them"

Stanford University LGBCRC"an electrifying performer"

Delusions of Adequacy"very honest, very powerful"

Outsight"Number One Material""this CD makes major label albums seem like GAP ads"

Radio Crystal Blue Review or READ THE FULL INTERVIEW!

Suite Choice Cuts of August-September 2002


Harmony Ridge Music

Daily Hampton Gazette (Larry Parnass)

Read an Interview with Jenn Lindsay!

Stanford Daily, Stanford Daily #2

The Scene, S.F. Underground Music Zine

The Orange Bear, 9/5

Marisa Egerstrom, Stanford University Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Kevin McCarthy's Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews

Mish Mash Indie Music Reviews

Michael Allison (Associate Writer) (by Les Reynolds)


* Jenn Lindsay's tenth album ALLORA ECCOLA is slotted for a June 1, 2014 release date!

* A new music video has been posted on YouTube as well as on the "Buddies" page. Check out the AWESOMENESS directed by Anna Gilpatrick of MTV's "Engaged and Underaged" story editing team!

* She's real! She's real! She's real! Check out the WIKIPEDIA ENTRY on Jenn Lindsay.

* Buy any of Jenn's seven (soon to be eight) albums on itunes or at CD BABY .

* Jenn Lindsay has a BIG SHOW AT THE SIDEWALK CAFE coming up. Come out and be on the recording of HOT LIVE TRAX for the new album! See "Nights" page for July 26th 2007.

* Jenn Lindsay has a MYSPACE PAGE. Come be a friend and get the first word on the new album A FOR EFFORT.

* Spring 2007 brings the beginning of the recording process for Jenn's eighth studio album A FOR EFFORT! Look forward to new collabs from Jenn and Bryant Moore and Major Matt Mason....

* "Belong Alone" from UPHILL BOTH WAYS is being featured on NPR's "All Songs Considered" program!

* Check out the November 2006 issue of CURVE MAGAZINE...UPHILL BOTH WAYS gets an amazing review right next to Ani DiFranco's new album REPRIEVE!

* UPHILL BOTH WAYS and PERFECT HANDFUL are done and released! Check them out online on the "ears" page or BUY THEM NOW.

* We are launching a fundraising campaign to help bring Jenn's 6th album UPHILL BOTH WAYS to life. There is a ton of cool stuff you get in exchange for your gift, from having Jenn write a song especially for you, to getting an autographed copy of every Jenn Lindsay album, to getting a special behind-the-scenes booklet that walks you through the UPHILL BOTH WAYS lyrics and recording studio stories! Contact for info, or click on MAKE A DONATION on the home page.

* In August 2005 Jenn returned to Olive Juice Music Studios to record her sixth studio album UPHILL BOTH WAYS...details to follow.

* After a year of semi-retirement and reclusion, Jenn has moved back to New York City and is playing shows around town. Come on out and say hi!

* THE LAST NEW YORK HORN, Jenn's 5th album and the one deemed "one of the best folk albums ever" by CD Baby honcho Derek Sivers, has been picked up by WATERBUG RECORDS in Portland Oregon!

*Jenn's song "Jill + Jill" is featured on the compilation disc "Marry Me," released by the ACLU to benefit the fight for gay marriage. Featuring songs by Ari Gold, Mark Weigle, and RuPaul!!

* THE LAST NEW YORK HORN, Jenn's 5th and finest album is available now. It features expertly-played spiral notebook, guitars, bass, Vanessa Carlton's piano, and hard excited work by everyone involved. Pick it up here at CD Baby!

*1/03 GREAT NEWS!! Jenn Lindsay is honored with the #1 Recording Artist title for Radio Crystal Blue, an NYC-based internet radio station. Other honors: "2003 NYC Antifolk Musician of the Year" for Jenn and "Best Indie NYC Album of 2003" for GOTTA LOTTA.

*1/03 Thanks to some great sellout audiences in CA GOTTA LOTTA is sold out and due for a re-pressing. Stand by for a fresh-run.

*12/02 Look out for a new theme-EP in February...FIRED! plucky songs for the laid off....

*12/02 No Evil Star Records is presently booking a West Coast Spring Tour...get in touch to have Jenn play at your school or house concert!

*12/02 in February, Jenn will be supporting the CD Release Parties of some of her main NYC musical compadres! See "Nights" for the CD Release dates of Casey Holford, Robin Aigner, and Linda Draper!

*11/02 Jenn is playing shows with the excellent Sheila Sobolewski on Bass. Check out Sheila's other project, Luff, Featuring Sheila on Rickenbacker with a cellist. They rock out at the Rising Bar in Brooklyn NY

*The CD Release Birthday Bash was incredibly successful--we packed
the Sidewalk Cafe! Thanks to all who came and all who played!

*Jenn has been asked to play LADYFEST EAST this fall!! Thanks to Chris Gross of for the opportunity. Please check out Jenn September 19th, 8pm at Luxx in Williamsburg!!

*Read an INCREDIBLE review of GOTTA LOTTA at

*Lyrics for GOTTA LOTTA are up on the "words" page...check them out and tell us what you think!

*Want Jenn to play at your school or women's center? Write to us at

*NO EVIL STAR RECORDS is moving to Queens, New York, and will be sharing an office with QAQ PRODUCTIONS. Check the "days" page for new contact info

*There’s a new interview with Jenn from Radio Crystal Blue on the “mouth” page, and at

* Jenn's music is available for your listening pleasure at

* Jenn will be featured on Brandeis University's WBRS Radio Show "The Joint" on July 4th at 9:30pm...tune in at

* Jenn's been asked to play in the GoGirls Women in Music Showcase, July 3rd at 8pm at Rubyfruits NYC, 531 Hudson st (charles & W. 10th ST),

*Jenn's been added to the staples-of-antifolk roster! Check out

*Jenn was recently featured on the Women's Independent Music Show with Aimee Mann, Portishead, and Ani DiFranco! Check out

* Jenn and Casey Holford just returned from a super-duper-goober tour to CA, where they both sold out of CDs... five shows in a week, hurrah!

* Jenn is featured on the Stanford University CD Compilation of best campus bands. "Bring it On"

* She was also selected for the Educators for Social Action CD. "Not a Sound" her WTC song. Click here to read lyrics/hear an MP3.

* Read a recent interview with Jenn in the Stanford Daily

* Jenn is playing with some rockin folks: Bethany Walk on bass(, Casey Holford ( on 12-String, and Robin Aigner on vocals with the new track "Salvation Army."

* Jenn is currently recording her third No Evil Star Records release, "Gotta Lotta," produced by Antifolk hero Major Matt Mason USA (, starring an array of awesome collaborators, including the folks above, Toby Goodshank of the Moldy Peaches (, and Antifolk songstress Jordan Corbin

Want to buy a Jenn Lindsay album? We'd appreciate it!