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QUARANTINED FAITH (released in May 2020 and currently on the Film Festival circuit)

  • Best Documentary; Best Foreign Film; Best Message: Christian Online Film Festival
  • Special Jury Award for Migrations and Coexistence: 23rd Edition of the Religion Today Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention for Best Short Documentary: Florence Film Awards
  • Honorable Mention for Best Documentary: Madras International Film Festival
  • Award of Recognition: Impact DOCS Awards
  • Official Selection: Rome Prisma International Film Awards, The Vesuvius International Film Festival, The Varese International Film Festival, Rieti & Sabina Film Festival, Venice Film Awards.
  • Screening: 2020 annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and the Religious Research Association

QUARANTINE ALLA ROMANA: Videojournalism about the COVID-19 lockdown in Italy

JILBAB: a documentary on the Indonesian headscarf

Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue in Vienna:

Religion and the Refugee Crisis:

ALEF TO ZAYIN: a short documentary about the secular humanist Jewish community in Boston

What do robes mean for a Hindu Swami?

Digital Archaeology in Turkey:

The Mandala: Buddhist monks of Dharamsala build and destroy a ritual sand sculpture:

Computer scientists, religion scholars and the refugee crisis:

AGAPE: Eco-spirituality in the Italian Alps:

IBCSR: The Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion

Award-winning video for the Australian Embassy to Italy:

A story of a marriage:

HOLY WISDOM MONASTERY: an eco-spirituality program in Wisconsin USA