Dr. Lindsay Teaching and Research

Dr. Lindsay Teaching and Research

Lecturer in Sociology and Communications, John Cabot University. Rome, Italy. Courses taught: Intercultural Communications (FA18, FA19); Foundations of Digital Media Production (SP19, FA19, SP20); Introduction to Sociology (FA18, FA19, SP20); Global Media (SP19, SP20); Sociology of Religion (FA18); Research Study Director (SP20). 

Adjunct Professor, Saint John’s University, Rome, Italy.  Course taught: Religions of the World (FA18, SP19, FA19, SP20)

Adjunct Professor, University of California Rome Study Center. Rome, Italy. Course taught: Religious and Social Diversity in Rome Today (SU18, SP20).

Guest Lecturer, World Religions, Richmond University. Rome, Italy, 2017.

The Lived Religion Research Group, Università Roma Tre. Rome, Italy, 2016-2017.

Teaching Fellow and Research Assistant, Boston University. Boston, MA. 2011-2016. Led multiple weekly discussion sections, held office hours, graded exams and research papers, delivered thematic lectures.

  • Spring 2014: “Death and Immortality.” Professor Stephen Prothero. 230 undergraduates.

  • Fall 2013: “The Holocaust in Historical Context,” a seminar on Germany’s Final Solution and Western antisemitism. Professor: Steven T. Katz. 105 students.
  • Spring 2013: “Eastern Religions.” Professor Teena Purohit. 81 undergraduates.
  • Fall 2012: “Introduction to Religion.” Professor Thomas Michael. 83 students.
  • Research Assistant, ongoing semesters: Prof. Nancy Ammerman and Prof. Hillel Levine (sociologists of religion)

    Community School Teacher, Workmen’s Circle, Brookline Massachusetts. 2011-2013.

    Freelance Tutor. Subjects: English, Religion, writing, Standardized test preparation. 2001-2018. Music Director, B’nei B’rith Youth Organization. Milwaukee, WI. Summer 2008.

    Singer-Songwriter and Freelance Teaching Artist, No Evil Star Records. North America. 2001-2010. Workshop locations: Ottawa Ladyfest, Oregon State University, Vassar College, SUNY Binghamton, Columbia University, Liverpool University, Staten Island High, Northern Arizona University, LGBT NYC.

    Assistant to the Director of Drama Department, Menlo School. Menlo Park, CA. 1997-2000.

    Anthropological Fieldwork

    Rome, Italy (Dissertation, 2014-2016)

    Israel and the Palestinian Territories (Dissertation, 2014-2016)

    Boston, USA (Medicine and Spirituality study, 2011)

    Jogjakarta, Indonesia (Master’s thesis fieldwork, 2010)

    Chavín de Huantar, Ancash, Peru (Bachelor’s fieldwork, 1999)