Dr. Jenn Lindsay Teaching Excellence

Dr. Jenn Lindsay Teaching Excellence Summary

“We truly appreciated your lecture and the students were totally impressed with the way you presented information and discussed Judaism. Some of their later comments were, ‘Highly professional,’ ‘A perfect fit for the course,’ and ‘Engaging.’ Congratulations on a job well done! The atmosphere you established in class was informal and friendly but you were still able to captivate the students’ attention entirely. Hearing about your academic and field research experience was especially enlightening. I trust that your students will make good use of the information that you generously shared with them. Thanks again for making this guest lecture such a success.” Richmond University, Course: World Religions

“This was by far the best course I took in college.” UCLA Student, Course: Social and Religious Diversity in Rome Today



“Jenn was an amazing instructor. She was sensitive to student’s beliefs and opinions, and went out of her way to ensure that her students were succeeding. As a person, she is extremely interesting and accomplished. She clearly has a passion for teaching and ensuring the well-being of her students. She always goes the extra step to help and genuinely wants her students to learn, understand and succeed. She is a great teacher with a lot of flexibility, understanding and compassion. She is a super classroom leader, connected with us, very accessible.” From course evaluations of “Death and Immortality,” Boston University


“Jenn was an amazing instructor, the best I ever had. She knew her material and really stimulated great discussions. She challenged me to push ideas further and stretch my mind. I would love to see her be a professor one day. Her unique perspective and candor make her enjoyable and interesting to be around. She is very personable and actually cares about how well you learn the material. She was very helpful when trying to work through the more abstract or difficult concepts. She is a super awesome instructor. I would recommend this course if Jenn is the instructor. The main weakness of the course was not enough time learning with Jenn. More discussions with her would be better.” From course evaluations of “World Religions East,” Boston University


“Jenn was so helpful and I owe a huge amount of my success in this class to her. She’s the most enthusiastic teacher I think I’ve ever had and I really appreciated that. She got me through this class. She was very helpful, open and patient. I learned the most from her. She is fantastic, very helpful, at first I felt attacked by her in terms of religion but now I know it was all to help me expand my thinking. She was very good at explaining, discussing and interacting with the students. She was an excellent instructor. She was always approachable, kind and helpful.” From course evaluations of “Introduction to Religion,” Boston University


“Jenn was engaging and approachable. For the first time at BU I felt like an instructor cared about us. This was so much more than just a discussion section for me. She is outstanding, she really cared that her students understand the material and she facilitates engaging and critically thoughtful discussions. She is very good with communicating over email.” From course evaluations of “Death and Immortality,” Boston University


“Jenn was the best instructor I’ve ever had at BU. She went above and beyond, helping me and other students and generating real, interesting discussions on topics that are difficult to talk about. In sum, Jenn did an excellent job. She gave me the opportunity to express my opinion, both written and orally, in ways that I haven’t been able to in any other class at BU.” From course evaluations of “Death and Immortality,” Boston University


“Jenn helped me so much in writing and gave great advice. She made the essay process painless. She has a great personality that encourages discussion. She’s approachable and wants to help. Jenn’s positive attitude was one of the best parts of the class. She has so much to say and share. The fact that Jenn loves what she’s doing makes the class interesting and inspires us to understand concepts. She explains things in a way that is relatable. I learned a lot from her. I wish we had had more discussion because it really helped clarify concepts.” From course evaluations of “World Religions East,” Boston University


“Jenn was very helpful. She was always available to meet with me to discuss my papers and answer my questions. She inspired me to think outside the box. She was more helpful than the professor in teaching me how to think more deeply about religions. She’s very good at reviewing and explaining important concepts. She keeps the class stimulating. Jenn was the bright spot of the class. She is well organized, smart and passionate.” From course evaluations of “Introduction to Religion,” Boston University


“Jenn was an incredible instructor. Her passion helped spark interest. I found that I not only enjoyed discussion much more than lecture, but I learned more in discussion too! As a teaching assistant she is very effective. This is where I felt I really learned and understood the material. I would definitely recommend Jenn as an instructor for any course.” From course evaluations of “Death and Immortality,” Boston University


“Jenn is passionate, thoughtful, and sensitive. She cares for her students. She is very engaged and engaging for us as students. She is great at pulling a discussion out of students who are unwilling to talk. She gets me thinking, which a lot of other professors haven’t here. She doesn’t lecture, she engages and stimulates us, and I wish I could have her as an instructor again. She is incredibly helpful and clearly cares about the well-being of her students. She is definitely the best instructor I’ve had at BU.” From course evaluations of “World Religions East,” Boston University


“Jenn is an amazingly passionate and knowledgeable person. She will admit when she doesn’t know something but commits to finding it out. Listening to her speak is so engaging and I looked forward to discussion to expand upon lecture. She is so engaging and real. She is easy to listen to and makes you feel comfortable and able to relate to topics. She offered support and extra insight for the assignments. She was knowledgeable of each topic, understanding of each person‘s background beliefs, had films and stories of her own related to each topic, and fostered good discussions. She was so engaging, great overall, really I have nothing bad to say. One of the most interesting people I’ve ever known. And her discussions she was able to add another layer to the material I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. I wish everyone could have Jenn as an instructor.” From course evaluations of “Death and Immortality,” Boston University


“Jenn is one of the best professors I have ever had. She cultivates a caring environment, making it easy to speak up in class. She is open to various viewpoints and lead class in a fun, engaging and educational way. She was amazing at starting meaningful and interesting conversations. She is very helpful and accommodating, she made class interesting and started good discussions. She is very knowledgeable. I would like to see more of her movies.” From course evaluations of “World Religions East,” Boston University


“Jenn Lindsay was an excellent instructor. She anticipated our fears and uncertainties concretely about the class and took the time to make sure we really understood what we were learning about. She was great. She helped me think of religion in a new way and from a wider perspective. She knows a lot about religion and is very educated. She made my experience in this class a great one. She was extremely helpful and very beneficial to my learning experience in this class. She offered office hours and was always available through email. She gave great advice on paper topics and made sure that we all were able to have the best learning experience possible. I would recommend this class because I learned a lot. I was able to learn many new things especially with the help of Jenn.” From course evaluations of “Introduction to Religion,” Boston University