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“Jenn Lindsay is the kind of teacher who challenges people — in the classroom and on film — to see religion in new ways.  And she is the kind of scholar who uses her ethnographic skills and her camera to gain new insight into how we encounter religious difference. Her work has made significant contributions to understanding how interfaith organizations work.”

–Dr Nancy T. Ammerman, Professor of Sociology of Religion, Boston University


“Jenn Lindsay is a superb scholar of contemporary religion and an expert on interreligous dialogue. She is also an amazingly multitalented person, with a rich background in drama, in music, in film, and in community outreach.  She is conscientious, humorous, open-minded, and a real pleasure to work with.”

–Dr. Charles Lindholm, University Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, Boston University


“As a psychotherapist in New York City for many years, I have known the anthropologist and filmmaker Jenn Lindsay since 2002 when we began a series of conversations about healing, trauma, and family systems. Her talent, insight and industriousness have long been on display throughout her music and academic careers. In 2005, when she began her work as a story editor and post-production assistant at MTV and in various production companies, it struck me that she had found an ideal laboratory for her hardworking nature, where she could combine her interest in human interest stories, playwriting, visual artistry, and devotion to social change.
Documentary film is a demanding field, and I have watched Jenn rise to the occasion, combining her intellectual passions and artistic instincts to make colorful, fascinating film projects worth supporting.
The Minding Shadows project is an exceptionally good fit.  Jenn has always searched, questioned, and lived life in the pursuit of spiritual clarity and inner peace.  This film of one man’s journey should whet the appetite of anyone in search of inner tranquility. I would like to attest to the unique nature of this project and its potential to make a difference in people’s lives.”

–Psychotherapist LCSW (Retired), M.Ed.


“I first met Jenn when she began work on a documentary about the Simulating Religion Project, of which I am the co-principal investigator. I was so impressed by her work that when I received funding for a new project, Modeling Religion in Norway, I asked her to develop a series of videos for that project as well. I have been very happy with the work she has produced. As you can see from her video site, Jenn is extremely creative. What you might not be able to tell is how much fun she is to work with, and what a hard worker she is. I’m not the only one who is happy; the communication office and leaders of my University are also very satisfied with Jenn’s videos.

Her sensitive work on our project, which was partly related to refugees and immigration, bodes well for her plans to develop a documentary on the emotionally powerful themes that are sure to characterize Minding Shadows. Few filmmakers have the academic background and philosophical depth to tackle the topics covered in Simulating Religion and Minding Shadows. Jenn’s ethnographic expertise in anthropology, along with her experience in our projects (and others), uniquely qualifies her for the task of producing a film that adequately captures this compelling story.

In addition to pointing out her creativity and diligence, I also want to emphasize that Jenn is a great team member, and has been able to work with a wide variety of folks in our projects.”

–Professor of Theology and Philosophy, University of Agder


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press from the West Coast Public Approval Tour “acoustic guitar injected with punk ethics and politically charged songwriting” – San Diego Union-Tribune

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